Disinfestation: What is it, why is it necessary, when and what should we do?

Disinfestation, if you did not already know it, is the process by which we dispose of our space from unwanted visitors, that is insects. In addition, disinsectisation is also good for preventive purposes, to prevent the future entry of insects, which are the sources of infection, in our home.
Why is home disinsectisation necessary?
Let’s start from the basics: Cockroaches live in dormant and accumulated rubbish and rally, especially in periods of high humidity. Due to the environment in which they feed and grow, they carry germs and very serious diseases. Cockroaches and their derivatives as carriers of these diseases can cause serious human problems, starting with salmonella and typhoid, as well as dermatitis or allergic reactions. Cockroaches and their derivatives have also taken a significant share of responsibility for respiratory problems, especially for vulnerable population groups such as children and cardiots.
Cockroaches are used to making hotplates in several places in the house, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. They are also characterized by their rapid proliferation and their extremely high durability.
In addition to cockroaches, house insect repellence treats every kind of insect, such as the bug or the fly, which can pose a threat to your health and the integrity and cleanliness of your home.
Can anyone do Fumigation?

No. The company dealing with Fumigation is obliged to have a responsible scientist and has been granted an “Insecticide and rodent permit to inhabited areas”. The License is valid for 5 years and may be renewed if the conditions under which it was granted continue to apply.

The responsible scientist may be:

Chem. Mechanical,
Tech. Agriculture (Production Plants, Floriculture and Greenhouse Cultures),
Tech. Public Health Supervisor.

The competent authority for issuing the permit is the Plant Protection Directorate of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.
The medicines used must be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as harmless and slick for young children and pets. At the end of the Pest – Pest, the workshop is required to deliver a sealed certificate based on a known Health Order.
When and where should the house insect be disinfected?
Disinfection and disinfestation are prudent to be done 2-3 times a year, especially in large buildings, such as apartment buildings. They also consist of Spring and Autumn, where the greatest excitement occurs.
In any case it has been proven that at least once a year it is absolutely necessary for the insect population to remain at a low level.
Before visiting the specialized crew your space, you should take care of two small things of great importance.
First, sponge and clean your house thoroughly before disinsectisation, because you will have to wait about a week after the drug is applied to rewash it so that its action is more effective.
Secondly, do not forget to open the wells of the sewers, which are the biggest outbreak of insects and especially cockroaches. Disinfestation takes place both indoors and outdoors in the house and is a fairly simple and quick procedure but requires the intervention of responsible garages with special permission.
So, if you have unwanted visitors or want to avoid them in the future, it is now the best time for homeless insect repellents.