OUR PHILOSOPHY is made up of an alloy of sovereign ingredients, thus enclosing Consistency, Liability, Philomania and Love for our activity. In other words, the experience gained over many years has taught us that “consistent” adherence to the timetables, specifications and quality of a project requires a profound “responsibility” to best satisfy the final result. An indispensable helper in this effort is the welcome “promotion” to any developments in the industry, flanked by “love” for our work.
OUR PRINCIPLES, catalysing our constant growth and progress, are based on the following fundamental and inviolable elements:
-Take collaborative two-way trust and sincerity, guided by proven truth at all times.
-Taking respect to the partner and his / her staff.
-Type to address our area of ​​responsibility, as if it were ours.
-A commitment to consistently better quality services consistently.
– Immediate handling of any problem that is presented, accompanied by a positive mood for proper resolution.
-Rational evaluation of the project parameters, offering a balanced relationship between price and service quality.
-Ensure excellent working conditions for our staff, thus ensuring maximum performance.

OUR GROUP includes competent and experienced people. Their repeated and diligent training, under our supervision, coupled with the innovative know-how they acquire through our modern equipment, contributes with Consistency and Responsibility to the validation of the high quality services we offer.
Indicatively, we report continuous training of our staff to the following:
 on new cleaning methods
 on health and safety issues
In the proper handling of tools and machinery
We also assume responsibility for our staff’s insurance. Lastly, our long-term partnerships ensure quantitative, qualitative and cohesive cooperation with our people.