Disinfestation: What is it, why is it necessary, when and what should we do?

Disinfestation, if you did not already know it, is the process by which we dispose of our space from unwanted visitors, that is insects. In addition, disinsectisation is also good for preventive purposes, to prevent the future entry of insects, which are the sources of infection, in our home. Why […]

What expenses should vacant apartments pay?

One of the most common issues that sooner or later faces apartment buildings and managers is that of vacant apartments and their participation in communal buildings. Let’s take things from the beginning: What does the law require? – At first we should see if there is a statute in the […]

10 uses of vinegar you may not know!

Vinegar is a natural product, very useful and still quite cheap not missing from any home. Did you know it can be used for disinfection, cleaning, polishing? There are 10 unusual and ecological uses of vinegar (except to drink it when you are angry) that you may not have thought […]