Business Cleaning

Your partner!

The workplace of a professional is very helpful in the good image of this and his work! Our experienced and skilled staff can ensure that your business space is always up-to-date. We can become your partner. The one you trust will always be there where you need it.

Basic cleaning services

Daily regular cleaning of business premises (offices, shopping centers, factories, industries, etc.)
General cleaning of business premises.
Maintenance of offices and business premises.
Cleaning and washing Parking of communal and storage areas.
Washing with external pressure (Hydration).
Worksite cleaning.
Decontamination of interior surfaces.
Window cleaning.

Special cleaning services

Services that cover the needs of special spaces and facilities such as:

Medical Centers
Ships and Boats
Public transport
Factories etc

Rely on us!

In our company we believe that the human factor actively contributes to the delivery of quality services at any level, but we do not overlook the value of modern equipment and the appropriate materials and tools.

In cooperation with the largest technology equipment companies, we have comprehensive and complete mechanical equipment capable of withstanding the most sophisticated cleaning needs so that in combination with the latest ecological and certified biodegradable conventional detergents and the excellent education and experience of our chosen workforce To be able to guarantee for the best possible result a combination of experience, knowledge and technology.

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