Building Management

The most common phenomenon in apartment buildings is the inability to find interested owners, with the appropriate time, experience and desire to take responsibility for the management of the block of flats. With the expected result frictions between owners and signs of abandonment in apartment buildings.
Achtisa Clean takes over the management of your apartment building with responsibility and consistency and above all full transparency.
In cooperation with the representation committee of the apartment building, designated by its owners, we undertake:
Issue, distribution and collection of bills of lading
payment of costs (eg PPC, water, maintenance of a lift etc.)
ordering and receiving heating oil, always in the presence of one of the members of the representative committee.
payment of the garages serving the building
monitoring the needs of the apartment building and finding the appropriate technician when this is necessary
support for general assemblies
Electronic information for owners outside the city about their share in the common use as well as their entire debt.
The company is obliged to keep the envelope of the block of flats with the cost of the block of flats, which will always be available.
Get rid of stress and management fatigue! Contact us to find the best solution for you and your apartment building!
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