10 uses of vinegar you may not know!

Vinegar is a natural product, very useful and still quite cheap not missing from any home. Did you know it can be used for disinfection, cleaning, polishing? There are 10 unusual and ecological uses of vinegar (except to drink it when you are angry) that you may not have thought about:

1. Clean the coffee maker
In two cups of water, pour a mug of white vinegar. Let the liquid pass through your coffee maker mechanism and repeat the process two or three times before making coffee
2. “Turn off” the marks from the pots
If you moved the pots and found that they left awful signs on your balcony, pour white vinegar at the point. Let it act for 10 minutes and then clean with a damp cloth. Every sign will disappear!
3. Removes signs of sweat in the armpit
Turn the blouse upside down and soak the areas that have been yellowed due to sweat and deodorizing white vinegar. Leave the garment there for fifteen minutes, then rub the points gently with a toothbrush. Wash the blouse in a normal washing machine to remove any debris from the sweat
4. Removes the salts from the taps.
Dipped in a vinegar a cloth and wrap it with the base of the tap that accumulates salt. Allow the whole night to act and in the morning the salts will have disappeared
5. Disinfects kitchen sponges
Soak all the sponges you use at home in a vinegar basin and leave them there for an entire night. Then tie them and allow them to dry completely before using them again.
6. Disinfects the kitchen counter
To clean the kitchen benches well after each use you can get a cloth with a little white vinegar, which kills germs
7. Gives shine to carpets and carpets
Make a solution of 1 cup of vinegar and 1 liter of water. Put the liquid in a bucket. Dive into a brush and brush your carpet. Your carpet does not need rinsing, the scent of the vinegar will disappear in a few hours
8. Clean windows and mirrors
Make a mixture of 1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water in a clean bottle of sprayer. Spray, wipe and, if necessary, do the same
9. Refreshes the atmosphere in your home
Smells of cigarettes, burnt food or your pet: the issue is the unpleasant smells are annoying. Chemical deodorants simply cover unpleasant odors and make things worse. Acetic acid of vinegar absorbs odors
10. Eliminates the ants
Are small domestic ants circulating in your kitchen? Sprinkle with a 50-50 water-vinegar mixture and remove them. The vinegar also “fades” the odors of the foods that lead them to the kitchen.